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If you would like to learn how to grow from a small penis to a big penis then read on...the age old question is does size matter to a woman? If she loves you she will say no it does not matter that you have a tiny penis. And then secretly desire you were hung like a porn star with a 12 inch penis. 

There are many solutions to help grow your penis - some are temporary such as penis pills (Enzyte, Vimax, VigRX,Extenze), cock rings, penis pumps, penis weights and penis extenders (SizeGenetics) and some are permanent such as penis enlargement surgery and penile implants. 

Some are free such as penis exercises, some cost $50 to $100 a month such as penis pills and some cost thousands of dollars such as surgery. 

But just because you think you have a small penis, are you sure? Do you know what the average penis size is? Not everyone is blessed with a 10 or 12 inch penis like Ron Jeremy. 

The average male penis length is 6 inches erect. How do you measure up? 

What can you expect from the popular penis enlargment options? Most promise to increase your length and girth by 2 to 4 inches. So you could go from a 6 inch penis to a 10 inch penis. Or you could go from a 4 inch penis to a respectable 8 inch penis that will surely please your woman. 

So this could be the difference between a small penis and a big penis. The difference between a happy and satisfied lover or one who resents being with you and your small penis.

 She'll be happier if you have a bigger penis than a small penis

And because men like you are so desperate to find a solution, there are many penis pill scams out there that you need to take care to avoid. You also need to keep in the mind that results will not happen overnight with most penis enlargement pills. It may take 3 to 6 months or more before you can see some noticeable results.


If you want to get results, you should stick with products that have plenty of positive reviews, a generous money back guarantee in case in doesn't work for you, fast shipping and excellent customer service. 

Now let's talk about these small penis cures. Not all of them will work for everyone. There is no one size fits all. For some a penis extender may be the best solution. For another penis pills may be the best choice. For others on a budget penis exercises and videos may be their best choice. You have to decide what is best for you and your goal of a bigger penis. 

Do not forget what you are doing this for - to give more pleasure to your woman. You want to satisfy her, improve your sexual performance, last longer during sex, give her toe curling orgasms and have her screaming out your name. 

What's interesting is that you can do those things without having a bigger penis, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try and grow a larger and longer one. You can learn how to be a better lover and give her all the attention and take care of her needs before you worry about yours. Learn how to take care of her and make her cum with your hands and tongue as well as with your big penis. 

Having a 8 10 or 12 inch penis will only be a bonus at that point. That will make her happy and keep her coming back again and again. And that's what you want isn't it? 

Now check out how to grow from a small penis to a big penis...